A different World!


The falling rupee and the economy ,the sky rocketing prices of vegetables all has made us realize our world is so materialistic and it revolves primarily around “money”. This gave me an  idea  why can’t we devise a new world. Two contradictory ideas came to me. The first one being a world of Facebook or twitter. Facebook being a popular site, people do went out their feelings unto it. They post their photos and get “likes” and “comments” ,what if this was our real world. Twitter is a bit different, we have our followers as well as we follow others i.e.“following”.”Tweets” and re-tweets determine our status in twitter what if this were the real world, but this are just momentary pleasures and far from what our real world should be.

The second idea which I favor is a world where we have deeds of kindness, love, compassion, and humility as our status. So “deeds” will replace tweets and likes and comments as well as money in current world. Our basic goal in life is to be more loving, compassionate and humble, as well as to discard fear, anger and hatred. If such a world  would exist then we all would attain self-actualization at the earliest. If you believe in karma,the world is entirely based on the second idea.

We are not materialistic or physical beings but spiritual beings.Though our path is different all the roads lead to the same place.It is  not the destination but  the path that matters. So do think on it,and create a more better a more peaceful world for us!